Creative Barbie Storage

Barbies, Barbies everywhere.  How in the world a 4 year old has this many Barbies, I’ll never know.

So the budding Barbie nudist colony in my daughter’s room has created the need for a unique storage solution option.  A Pinterest search showed several different similar pins in which a shoe organizer was utilized for Barbie storage, but the obvious flaw in this system was that a small child wouldn’t be able to reach more than half of the Barbies.

Sooooo, I cut the shoe organizer in half, took a staple gun, and stapled it to the space behind the door.

barbie storage 2

The end result was perfect–storage that Claire could easily reach that was out of the way.

barbie storage 3

I dressed the Barbies just for you.  You’re welcome.

barbie storage 1

And as you can see, it doesn’t prevent the door from opening completely.

Anyway, it works great for us!


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