SQUIRREL!!! (Thoughts from an adult with ADHD)

“Oh, no.  I KNOW you’re organized,” the woman said to me. I stared at her blankly, searching for words.  I knew she had made this assumption based on my post that details my weekly checklist… and yet… What I couldn’t … Continue reading

No really. Don’t look at me.

“You could blog about what it’s like to be the perfect pastor’s wife and how other ladies could attempt to be more like you…” (Matthew Staton)

These words were, of course, spoken in humor.  It doesn’t take much introduction for a new person in my life to realize just exactly how flawed I am (…but I’m FUN!!!), yet ironically enough, I am the music minister’s wife… someone who is often unwittingly and unavoidably in the limelight.  I do my best to hide in the shadows (or behind the drumset, as it may be), but the cold reality is that there will be people who will be watching and judging me, regardless of how far under the carpet I’ve crawled.

After three years, Oak View Baptist Church had me figured out.  They knew exactly how quirky and off beat I am, and they had grown to love me anyway.  Leaving that sweet congregation was so hard, because even though we were moving back home, I had gotten very comfortable in our ministry.  I dearly loved our congregation.  Secretly, I also knew exactly how long it had taken us to establish such a wonderful rapport, and I knew we would be gearing up to start that climb all over again.

So here we are… three months in to our time with our new congregation at New Hope Baptist.  A handful of people are starting to warily figure me out, but most still laugh uncomfortably (“Wait, she’s kidding, right??”) as they try to understand me.  New Hope people, please be patient with me.  I will be slightly less loud and obnoxious as I get more comfortable.  Meanwhile, it’s impossible to hurt my feelings, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come talk to me.

Anyway, in response to Matthew’s original comment: no, I’m not perfect.  My lack of filter makes it impossible to me to even appear plastic.  And no, you shouldn’t try to be like me.  Instead, you should look to my Father, who giggles at me the same way I giggle at Claire (my 3 year old.)

No really.  Don’t look at me.  Look at my Father.