Spray Painting Light Switch Covers

My new home is fairly perfect…  after the home we’d completely remodeled in DFW, my hubby was pretty intent on finding a home that was move in ready.

Poor John.  I tried to remind him that it was still me…  that I would still paint SOMETHING.  Because…  yeah.  Call it compulsion.  Or something.  My loving father likened it to a dog marking its territory.

So the first tiny and easy project would be:  spray painting brass switch plates!


Yeah.  They’re ugly.  One of the few things in this house that didn’t get updated.


It took about 2 seconds.

(Any time I have to spray paint screws, I stick them in a styrofoam plate or bowl.  Easy.)


And the results?  For my 2 seconds of work, it’s a pretty dramatic difference.switch4

I love spray paint.

Spray paint!

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