DIY Bleach Shirt

I had seen several bleach shirt Pinterest projects and had wondered, “can it really be that easy??!”  The answer:  YES.  If you don’t feel like a particularly crafty person, but you want to try something, seriously… go with this one.  It’s so ridiculously crazy easy.  All you need:  a stencil (which you could either purchase or make yourself), diluted bleach, and a shirt.


I found this teal tank top at Walmart for $3… if I had been thinking, I would have grabbed several!

Since I work at a John Deere dealership, I have often wanted more John Deere shirts.  So, I took a thin piece of cardboard (I’m sure card stock would work, too) and freehanded the John Deere logo on it.  I then used an exacto knife to cut out that logo.


Remember to put something inside your shirt to keep the bleach from bleeding through!  I used a bundle of junk mail.

My only regret with this project was not using a stronger bleach solution.  I can’t remember the exact specifications of my bleach solution; this is something I keep mixed for hardcore cleaning days.  I think it was probably around 1/8 cup of bleach for the entire bottle.  So yeah.  Go stronger.  😉  Mine has a nice faded look; it’s very subtle.  I think it’s kind of fun.


Anyway, you’ll have to let me know if you try this.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing many, many more of these… they are super easy and cute!

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