How to texture a wall… The easy, cheating way

So I think they’re catching on to me at my job…  I keep diving into DIY projects to avoid actual work.  Anyway….

I had removed wallpaper from a wall, and I needed to match the texture of the other three walls in the room.

Sooooo, I went to the store and bought some joint compound:


I took a plastic bag, scooped up some of the joint compound, and thinly dotted it on the wall.


Then I drug a large putty knife/scraper-thing-a-ma-bob across the freshly applied joint compound to flatten out the peaks.


I did that in sections so that my joint compound didn’t dry too much.


I let that dry overnight (though I’m sure a few hours would do), and then I painted over the top of it.


This is a corner…  the left wall is the freshly textured wall, and the right wall is the existing texture I was trying to imitate.


All in all, it took less than an hour to texture the wall (not including paint), and now that I’ve got the hang of it, I think I could easily finish out a wall in 30 minutes or less.

Hope that helps!  Happy projects!


3 thoughts on “How to texture a wall… The easy, cheating way

  1. We are getting ready to do some remodeling, so I was on Pinterest looking through Home Decor and came across this pin on how to texture a wall. I opened it and saw your name. I thought, I know a Rashel Cornish, what are the odds there are two out there? So I clicked around some more on your blog, and there she was, you! Good to see you guys! Tell John that D’Lynn says Hi!

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