My most recent kitchen remodel

Photo1 (98)

Here’s the before….  this kitchen had tile countertops.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but compared to the rest of the house, it was a bit out of place.

Photo1 (95)

After:  We had granite installed, and I tiled the backsplash.

(Ignore the already kid-ified fridge.)

Photo1 (99)

This backsplash tile has a bit of a story…  it is the “Instant Mosaic” tile from Lowe’s.  When I saw it in the store, I thought, ‘Peel and stick tile?!  Isn’t that a little ghetto?  There’s no way that could work.  Who would buy something like that?!?’  But I kept coming back to it.  The promise of easy was too alluring to resist.  And here we are.  It really was ridiculously easy to work with.  It cuts well with a tile saw, and it looks great installed.  Make sure you’re starting off with a very flat wall, though.  I had some spots that I had patched after demoing the previous tile, and that was a bit tricky to work around.

Photo1 (96)

Anyway…  I was pleased.

Photo1 (97)

And I’m glad to be done!

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