50 pounds down–a story in pictures

Obviously, this needs more explanation, but for now, this will suffice.  Also, these aren’t great pictures; but they’ll do.  I’ve still got a little ways to go, but I’m pretty content right now with how I look and feel.  (Note:  I’m 5’10”, so an ideal goal weight would be around 150.)

50 pounds down… A story in pictures.


January 2012…  215 lbs.




December 2012… 180 lbs.

555288_629649381834_1741326614_n (1)

February 2013… 170 lbs.


April 2013… 165 lbs.

5 thoughts on “50 pounds down–a story in pictures

  1. Rashel, in the last three pictures you look beautiful, happy, healthy and vibrant. You’ve done a great job! I know it can’t be easy to establish new healthy habits, and take care of your family, especially with two young ones. Keep it up!

    • LOL! I’m working on a post about all of that right now…. I’ll probably have it up tomorrow. As for body shots, I can’t find anyone willing to take a picture of me who’s over the age of 4, so you’ll have to wait a bit on that! But no, I’m not tiny. My face is definitely thinner, but I still have a mommy belly.

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