A Horse Thief Comes to the Cornish Saloon

My best friend Reagan is crazy.  No really… consider carefully… this is coming from ME.  I’m the picture of psychosis, yet I’m telling you–Reagan is a very special brand of crazy.  (Yes, that’s the equivalent of an alcoholic telling someone they have a drinking problem.  Very serious.)

So when she wanted to throw the boys a 1 year birthday party, things quickly spiraled out of control.  I mean really: it started with us giggling over the idea of a yellow clown cake (don’t ask) and ended with a hardcore cowboy theme, complete with a cowboy photo shoot, “Wanted” poster invitations, an armadillo cake, and more.

After the cowboy photo shoot, we got to giggling over the photos together… then we started rearranging them and adding words.  The end result was an awesome coffee table book that I adore.

So here it is:


A Horse Thief Comes to the Cornish Saloon


There once lived a sheriff named Cam. He was always able to keep peace in his quiet town, until one day…



An evil horse thief named Truett Jackson came into town.



Truett was known for his evil antics and general orneriness.



“Sheriff Cam! Truett Jackson is coming!” Deputy Claire warned.



 “I MUST STOP HIM!!” Sheriff Cam exclaimed.



Just then, Truett entered the Cornish Saloon. “I am here to take all of the horses…”



“..starting with your horse first!” Truett sneered.



Not so fast evil villain!” Sheriff Cam bellowed.



“Give me your horse or else!”



“…but… I like my horse!”



“You can’t stop my evil plan!!!”



Sheriff Cam sighed. “You leave me no other choice. I guess some people really do just need killin’.”



As they drew their guns, Truett faltered and watched in horror as his gun fell to the ground.



“I give up! I give up!!!” Truett relented, begging for his life.



Sheriff Cam hesitated. “What do you have to say for yourself?”



“If only you could give me a second chance, Sheriff Cam…” Truett Jackson pleaded.



“I’ll play nice from now on…”



Sheriff Cam thought for a moment. “I suppose I could let it slide, just this once.”



“But if I ever catch you horse thieving again, you won’t get off so easily,” Sheriff Cam warned.



“Thank you Sheriff Cam!”



So thanks to Sheriff Cam, Truett Jackson cleaned up his act, opened a karaoke bar, and became a contributing member of society. And they all lived happily ever after.



The End.

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