Happy Father’s Day! (The Car Shirt)

Ahhhh, Father’s Day.  The day I’m always reminded that I’m a crappy gift-giver.  The day that I hope my husband walks away feeling loved and appreciated, and not depressed by my lack of effort.

So I wanted this year to be special.  I searched and searched for the perfect gift, and I stumbled upon this tutorial that I thought was ABSOLUTELY adorable…  a shirt with a little town with roads for the kids to “drive” on, so that the shirt-wearer gets a backrub while the kids play!

So, using the pattern provided and some sharpies, I created “Daddyville.”  (I also created “Pop-popville” for my dad.)


The results were pretty cute.  Both John and my dad had a good laugh at my expense.  Will they be used?  We’ll have to see.


In other news, I am so thankful for my husband and my father.  I have been so blessed… both by a wonderful dad of my own and a wonderful father for my kids.  Thanks guys.  I love you both.

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