How to Patch a Hole

My post today is more practical than fun…  but we’ve all had this problem:


Maybe your hole was in a wall instead of a door.  This definitely works well for that, too (better, actually.)

You’re going to need:

First, take your piece of cardboard and tear it into a size that matches up with your hole.


Cover the cardboard with mesh tape.


Use your putty knife to spread patching plaster or joint compound over the mesh tape.  You want to be sure to completely cover the mesh tape, and you may need to do multiple layers to do so.  If you are covering a hole in a door (as shown), you will want to scrape in the direction of the grain of the wood.


That brings you to this stage.  Now, you can sand down the plaster to make it smooth.  If you’ve been patching a wall, you will want to sand it down smooth and then imitate the texture used on the existing wall.  (There are various textures in a can that you can buy and Lowe’s or Home Depot.)


Now it’s ready to be painted.  Good luck patching!


3 thoughts on “How to Patch a Hole

  1. I remember that we used to get holes in our doors, and my dad had some kind of foam he would spray into them. After it was dry, he’d sand it down and proceed with painting.

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