Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

homemade eye makeup remover

I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, and I have LOVED it.  This stuff actually works better than anything I’ve ever bought.  And the vast likelihood is, if you’re a mom, it’ll be free… because I bet you already have the ingredients!


  • Water
  • Baby Oil (or olive oil, or coconut oil)
  • Baby Shampoo

The first time I made this stuff, I followed the directions given in that recipe to a T.  But it made a lot more than I needed, so I ended up throwing out more than half of it!  So since then, I’ve taken my bottle, added water to it, then added a drop of baby oil and a bigger drop of baby shampoo.  You can always tell…  if it doesn’t work well, add a tiny bit more oil and shampoo, and if it’s too soapy or oily, pour some of it out and add more water.

The end result is an awesome eye makeup remover…  that cost you NOTHING.  Enjoy!

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