So… Houston?

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I really have no coherent thoughts to put together about the news we got yesterday….

John will be teaching at San Jacinto College (South.)

In Houston.

….and his new professor orientation starts next Tuesday.

No really.  I don’t think you read that or fully understood it.  HE’S LEAVING ME ON TUESDAY.  I’ll be a single-parent in this in-between stage as I pack the whole house by myself and prepare to leave.  It is what it is…  necessary!

And then we can begin our new life in a completely new place… a place I’ve only ever been once in my life!  I am simultaneously giddy at the wonder of what will be and frightened by the unknown.  Thankfully, motherhood has rendered me exhausted, so I’m mostly thrilled at the delusional thought that somehow my routine will be much different in this new life I’m being thrown into.

As we look forward, it’s hard to not glance backward at this incredibly difficult year.  We will miss our families dearly; we will miss our church and the friends we’ve made there.  We will miss John’s students from Cameron.

But as we stand here on this precipice, the overwhelming feeling I’m experiencing isn’t happiness or fear…  it’s peace.  I cling to faith that my God will continue to work in my life, and I am so thankful for this opportunity my husband has.

And now, I find myself…. ready to jump.

2 thoughts on “So… Houston?

  1. Best of luck to you and your family. I’ll come find you when we visit Matt’s family. They live in Katy (outside of Houston). You can do this! You’re such a strong woman! I was stressed out moving alone when we first moved to Texas and I left Matt in Oklahoma to find a job. You have done this way more times than I have- and with kids in tow. Fist bump sister.

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