The Pinterest Panic

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A few nights ago, I signed on to Pinterest and saw something that made me literally sick to my stomach…

All of my boards were gone.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, you create “boards” that are different categories, and then you “pin” items in these boards.  I use this every day.  For example, yesterday I made and froze around 10 crockpot meals.  To do so, I pulled up my “Slow Cooker Recipes” board and used the recipes I had pinned there.  (Each picture that you see is hyperlinked to a recipe.)

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.12.45 PM

When I’m having a bad hair day, I’ll often go to my hair board to look for up-do ideas.  Sometimes I’ll go to my parenting board to find craft or activity ideas for my kids.  I also like to pin ideas for crafts and DIY projects and such.  Like I said before, I use Pinterest EVERY DAY.

So imagine my panic when I found that all of my boards had been deleted.

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.03.34 PM

I have planned my entire dream house on that site.  Really, it’s been my coping mechanism while living in our rent house.  I felt like my imaginary house had been ripped away from me.

For about a minute, I fought off tears.

And then I had to giggle at myself.

How had I become so emotionally invested… in a website?!  At what point did Pinterest become such an integral part of my life that to do without it would bring such devastation as to draw tears?

It became clear to me that my priorities are pretty disjointed.  I’m doing really good to squeeze in 20 minutes to read my Bible, but I can pour hours into Pinterest?  Not good.

So I’ve decided to give up Pinterest altogether.  Just kidding.  I’m simultaneously writing this and Pinteresting. Sad, I know.  Instead, I’m trying to limit the time I spend staring blankly at the computer screen.  Really, even now, it’s all part of my evil plan to never ever fold laundry ever again.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a 12 step program to list here to help you regain your life from the evils of the interweb.  Instead, I’d like to point to my life as a cautionary tale: don’t become me.  Go outside; talk to real people.  Spend quality time seeking God.  Live.

In case you were wondering, my Pinterest boards magically reappeared the next morning… so if you’re having the same problem I was, don’t panic.

So… how do you handle your priorities?

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