Master Bathroom remodel

We had a lot of fun doing this bathroom remodel for our home in Texas.  Here it is:9626_510503735664_3101103_n

This is a hardcore before pic.  That tub you’re looking at is only 7 inches deep.  Not even kidding.  Notice the foam green carpet, the sea shell wallpaper…  It was a whole different mess of loveliness.  But honestly, when we were house hunting, this was what I fell in love with, because I could already see the “after” pics in my head.  This bathroom had an awesome layout.

So we got to work.  Thankfully, I have an amazing family….


Here is an after of our tub.  I LOVED this tub.

Here’s a bit of a before on the vanities.  It’s hard to really see, but that’s more lovely harvest gold marble with tons of stains.  And the wallpaper you’re seeing was the original wallpaper… it was behind the mirror.


The vanities…  after:


I didn’t take any before pics of the shower, which is unfortunate, because it was completely unusable.  tiles were falling from the wall and ceiling.  Anyway, here’s the after pic:


(If you’d like to see more pics of our entire house before and after, feel free to visit the photo album.)

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