Budget bathroom remodel

Here’s another bathroom remodel… this one was from the upstairs bathroom at our Texas house.


And After.  As you can see, I painted the countertops (yes, painted!!), the walls, the cabinets…  I even spray painted the hardware.  As dramatic as the transformation is, what you’re looking at only cost around $50-$75ish.  (The entire remodel cost less than $500, and that includes the tile and such for the tub area.)

Here’s a before picture of the shower area.

And an after pic of the shower area.  The shower tower we bought off of eBay for around $150ish; it was a huge bang for the buck, and you would NOT believe how easy that was to plumb in.  The rest was the normal stuff… tearing out tile and sheet rock and replacing that with hardibacker board, tiling, grouting, etc.  Pretty easy unless you’re trying to time all of that between your kids’ naps.

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