Easy Nails?


So.  If you’ve looked at those Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips and wondered if they actually work the answer is: yes.  They’re awesome.  They’re fairly easy to put on, but more importantly, THEY’RE DRY.  So the second you’ve applied them to your nail, you’re done.  As a mom, this product is pretty darn awesome… because painting my nails is essentially daring the universe.  You know what I mean, moms.  Since having kids, I don’t think I’ve painted my own nails once without smudging.

Anyway, if you get creative, you can use both ends of the nail strips.  If you do so, one pod can do both hands and feet, and there are two pods per box…  So the $7.50ish per box buys you two mani-pedis.

Oh, and if you’ve looked at the Dollar Tree nail strips and wondered if they were the same thing, the answer is: not even close.  Run away.

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