The Ghetto Dinosaur Party

It was the week of Vacation Bible School at church.  And a crazy work week.  By the end of it, I was desperately wishing that Cam didn’t have so many allergies so I could just order a stupid cake and be done with it… and I was sincerely questioning my sanity at scheduling a party on such a psychotic week.

So I planned out an adorable party for Cam on Pinterest… then went to Walmart to find anything Yo Gabba Gabba related.  Fail.  In desperation, I glanced around and grabbed the cheapest pack of dinosaurs I could find.

A Ghetto Dino Birthday Party was born.


I used wrapping paper from Dollar Tree to cover the tables.20130706-205713.jpg

I used chocolate icing with red on top of that…  hoping it would look like a volcano…  slight fail.20130706-205730.jpg

Did you see it?  Hidden amongst the dinosaurs?  A little surprise for Claire.



This is the $3.50 decorating kit I bought from Walmart.  That’s right.  Ghetto.20130706-205906.jpg


The best news?

He couldn’t care less.

Ghetto Dino Party for the win!


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