My Cleaning List

Photo1 (100)I’ve used cleaning checklists of some sort for years now.  With my ADHD, lists are a must.  However, as is always the problem with my ADHD, my list generally grew and grew until it was completely unmanageable.

Then, I started using a weekly checklist.  It was similar to the one above, except it was much more tedious and cluttered.  Still, even with that, I found that I was able to keep my house clean and that I wasn’t as stressed out when we had company over.

The final evolutionary step to my checklist occurred when I ran across a cleaning checklist on Pinterest.  The format for it was much more clean than the one I had been using.  After trying this checklist as it was for a while, I took my previous checklist and used the format of the new one.

Slide1I then framed it and hung it on the door to my utility room, so that when we have company I can shut that door, and it’ll be hidden.  Framing it was a great option because I can mark checks on the glass with a dry erase marker, and it looks classy, too…  well, ok, as classy as a cleaning checklist CAN look.

I love using these weekly checklists.  Believe it or not, they actually make cleaning much, much simpler.  Once you’ve been through the entire routine a couple of weeks, the house straightens easily, and you get to the point of simply maintaining a clean house instead of drastically and manically cleaning when company is coming over.

Do you use a checklist?  What’s your routine?  Please share!

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