Double Layered Cookie Cake

I have a new favorite dessert to make: the double-layered cookie cake. I’ve made two now, and I’m here to tell you–this is an idiot-proof dessert. EVERYONE loves it, it’s ridiculously easy to make, and it’s a fairly quick project, too! From beginning to end, I spent less than an hour on this, and that included the bake time.


As you can see, I went cheap… Walmart brand cookie dough.  I used two packages…  one per each pan.  First, I lined the pans with aluminum foil; I used enough foil that the edges folded over the outside rim of the pans.  I then pressed the dough into the shape of the pan.


I baked them at 300* for 20 minutes (using a convection oven.)


The foil made it very easy to lift the cookies out of the pans.  (After cooling, of course.)


I then laid the cookies on the bottom of the pan as I removed the foil… any flat surface would do.


I used cream cheese frosting in between the cookies.


Two layers…

I found some bright pink icing for the lettering.  (Normally I make my own icing, but this was crazy easy.)20130511-210006.jpg

With the lettering…


And then I added white chocolate morsels to the border…


And done.

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