Rashel’s Miracle Face & Body Cream

Yes, I know.  It’s a terribly overdramatic title.  To make matters worse, it’s not even my original recipe!  I stole it from a blog, and that person had gotten the recipe from someone else…  and a friend of mine was telling me that her mother used to make the very same recipe.  All of that is to say: this is a tried and true recipe that’s been around forever.

photo (11)


I have super sensitive, crazy dry skin.  I get eczema even.  So here’s my endorsement:  I use this stuff on my face and hands every night.  I love the way it smells, and it’s just the perfect amount of moisture for me.

To top everything off, it’s crazy easy to make.

*Giant bottle of Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion
(or the generic equivalent–I normally make it with the Walmart brand)
*Vitamin E Cream
*Vaseline (small jar, 8 to 10ish oz)

Photo1 (15)

Dump all ingredients in a bowl.  Make sure the Vaseline is on top.

Photo1 (14)

Mix with a hand mixer until the Vaseline is completely worked in….  that was about 1-2 minutes for me.

Photo1 (13)

Put in bottles.  (Here, I just rinsed out the Johnson’s lotion bottle and a few of the Vitamin E jars I’ve saved and recycled them.)  For this step, you might consider using an icing gun or icing bag unless you’re putting it into wide-mouthed jars instead of bottles.

Photo1 (12)

And there you have it.  The world’s most amazing moisturizer.  Let me know if you try it!

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